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Information for your winter holiday 2020-2021 in the Hotel Lampenhäusl in the Salzburger Land

We would like to give our friends and guests information about Covid-19 for the next winter holiday at Hotel Lampenhäusl and above all, take away any uncertainties.

Below you will find the currently planned protective measures for the coming winter season 2020-2021.
Please inform yourself about the current measures for your planned vacation time, we are always happy to can help you under the following contact

It is very important to us and our employees to enable you to have a relaxing and safe holiday.
Please do not see the measures as a chicane, but as a respectful treatment of each other.

Hotel Lampenhäusl is part in the “Safe Hospitality” campaign.
Disinfectant cleaners are used to clean all areas in our company.
All public areas are ventilated with fresh air at regular intervals.
All of our employees and we ourselves have been voluntarily tested for Corona once a week since August 2020 in order to offer our guests the greatest possible security.


  • Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from other people, except for people you share a household with or fellow travelers from a shared residential unit
  • Mouth and nose protection in for everybody accessible indoor areas
    This does not apply for children up to the age of 6 or persons who cannot be expected to do so for health reasons
  • Reserve in advance if possible. Reduce crowds at reception and in the restaurant
  • Pay contactless if possible, preferably by card
  • Follow the instructions of the employees
  • Refrain from hand shake and hugs
  • Wash hands several times a day with soap and water for at least 30 seconds
  • Avoid touching your face with uncleaned hands
  • Sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief
  • Do not travel if there are signs of illness. Contact the reception if there are any signs during your stay
  • Our employees are instructed in handling the safety measures and rules of conduct

Protection for our guests:

  • Disinfectant dispenser:
    - Reception
    - Restaurant entrance
    - restaurant
    - Entrance ski rental, drying room for shoes
    - Sauna area

  • Elevator in the hotel:
    - is disinfected regularly, but we ask our guests to take the stairs and leave the elevator to the people who really do need.
      Please do not crowd into the elevator.

  • Public area:
    - All public areas in the hotel are regularly ventilated and disinfected
    - Especially objects that are touched frequently, e.g. light switches, doorknobs, water fittings, etc. are particularly important to us while cleaning
    - You will always receive a disinfected room key, provided it is handed in at the reception

  • Rooms:
    - The cleaning of the rooms after the guests' departure is particularly important disinfection and good ventilation are respected. Specifically items that are touched a lot such as remote controls, light switches, and door switches window handles, fittings, room safes, telephones, etc. will be cleaned carefully

  • Sauna:
    - only possible by reservation
    - Finnish sauna max. 6 persons
    - Bio sauna max. 6 persons
    - Infrared 2 persons
    - Predefined sauna time 1 hour afterwards, the sauna is ventilated and disinfected
    - It may be infused, but no waving the towels
    - The sauna is available from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.
    - loungers are more than 1 m apart
    - Sauna towels and bathrobes can be borrowed at the reception for free

  • Ski rental:
    - The rental equipment is cleaned and disinfected after every return
    - The rental area is constantly ventilated and uses air is extracted
    - Disinfectant dispenser in the ski rental
    - You can also sit outside during the waiting time
    - Longer opening times in the ski rental to avoid waiting times
    - Mouth and nose protection must be worn in the ski rental
    - The ski rental is located in the hotel, so equipment can be rented even after dinner
      It´s better to take some time in the evening than stand in line in the morning
  • Breakfast:
    - buffet
    - All dishes are covered - we ask you to wear additional mouth and nose protection
    - The breakfast buffet is placed additionally over several stations in the restaurant, in order to avoid unnecessary contact points.
    - Disinfectant dispenser at the buffet
    - Disposable gloves at the buffet area
    - Employees at the buffet ensure disinfection and cleanliness
    - Disposable packaging for honey, jam, butter, spreads, etc.
    - Sugar, salt, pepper non-returnable at the buffet - there is no salt and pepper at the table
    - No tablecloths or decorations on the breakfast table, the tables are cleaned and disinfected after each guest
    - Please only use cleaned and disinfected tables
    - Distance between the tables more than 1 m
    - Should there be changes in the operating times of the ski areas or it will be necessary to start earlier at the ski schools, the breakfast time will be adjusted accordingly.
      The breakfast is currently between 7:30 and 10:00 a.m.

  • Skier snack:
    - Please wash your hands thoroughly after a day of skiing before you go to the skier's snack, disinfectants and disposable gloves are available

  • Dinner:
    - No tablecloths or decorations on the table, the tables are cleaned and disinfected after each guest
    - Each room / family has a dedicated table for dinner
    - Fresh, preheated air is constantly brought in through the ventilation system and used air is extracted
    - Distance between the tables more than 1 m
    - Food is served
    - there are no cruets (salt and pepper) at the table, can be brought by the waiter on request (cruets are disinfected after use)
    - Salad from the buffet if possible (disposable gloves and disinfection are available)
    - If the number of guests so requires, two sessions are planned for dinner
      1st session 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
      2nd session 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Ski bus:
    - The ski bus drives as usual from the hotel to the ski area and back
    - Mouth and nose protection must be worn on the ski bus as in all public transport
    - There is also more than enough parking space at the lift stations if you prefer to drive your own car

  • Ski area, at the cable cars:
    - Keep enough distance from strangers
    - Always observe hygiene rules, a small bottle of disinfectant or disinfectant wipes can always be helpful
    - Pay contactlessly if possible
    - Don't forget your personal responsibility
    - Keep on signs and instructions of employees
    - In the cable car it is a FFB 2 mouth and nose protection required. Mouth and nose must be covered.
    - Leave the windows in the gondolas open to ensure good ventilation
    - Dispose of used handkerchiefs and disposable masks properly, do not leave them lying around or throw them away carelessly
    - Food and drinks in the ski hut or outside on the terrace may only be consumed at the seat
    - When the weather is bad, the ski huts fill up quickly and only as many people as there are free seats are allowed in the hut
      Especially with children, it is advisable to go to the ski hut earlier
    - It is best to buy your ski tickets online or at the hotel reception to avoid unnecessary crowds
    - Ski tickets online or at the hotel reception to avoid unnecessary crowds
    - If the ski area will be officially closed due to Covid-19, the lift tickets for the remaining skiing days will be reimbursed proportionally by the ski area.

  • Ski school
    - if possible, reserve the ski school online or reserve in advance
    - Ski schools are held in manageable group sizes and teachers wear mouth and nose protection if the minimum distance of one meter is not reached
    - Please contact the desired ski school in advance and clarify any points

Cancellation conditions in the hotel:

  • In winter 2020-2021, separate cancellation conditions apply due to Corona.
    Cancellation time winter:
    - to 31 days before arrival - free of charge
    - 30 days to 15 days before arrival 50%
    - 14 days to 8 days before arrival 70%
    - from 7 days before arrival 90%

    The cancellation is also free of charge in the following cases:
    - positive Covid-19 test of a travel participant - Evidence must be provided
    - official quarantine order - Evidence must be provided
    - official travel warning (level 5) from the respective government for our region, or closed borders

As a guest in our hotel, you receive a 30% discount on the list price on the original Buff hose scarves.
In general, everyone is strongly advised to wear mouth and nose protection if a minimum distance of more than 1 m from strangers is not observed.

On the following website you can keep yourself informed about the current situation

Let us spend a nice, active winter time with common sense and consideration despite the challenge posed by Corona.
The Lampenhäusl team is looking forward to welcoming you to our place.

Hotel Lampenhäusl - your home base - familiar, with heart and passion